Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some more new work!

Well.... where has the time gone!?
I have managed to paint allot of paintings, some photographed , some not... at last count I think I was up to 35 paintings, short of the 90 I was aiming for, but pretty impressive I think!!
As I have said in the past, I would rather aim super high and fail with a half achievement than to aim low and succeed!!
Anyhow... here are a few of the ones I did get to photograph!
The blue wren was painted during the demonstration at Harvest of Gippsland on Sunday... a good day despite the weather and mud!
The other paintings have been completed over the week... the man painting, was done today.
It seems these queer little people are a form of therapy, they sort of help me re arrange my memories!


  1. oh you gotta love him Wendy! Great work you are a MACHINE woman! Will have to come visit you at the markets one day.

  2. Great work as usual Wendy!

    I love the last one, I think you do the best butterfly winged people.

  3. I like them all - thank god facebook hasn't yet deleted them.
    You can see them on Wendy's profile there (until the censors get in full swing).