Thursday, March 11, 2010


Okay... It seems I am violating all sorts of rules all over the internet.

Art censorship really sucks... I could paint a picture depicting rape and violence, blood and guts, but not a harmless weeny teeny pecker....

It seems some one with a weeny teeny pecker has taken offence and deemed my artwork to immoral!!

Oh well... I shall just load them manually onto the blog.... POOH TO YOU PHOTOBUCKET!!!

I had my photos on private setting and still they got removed.

Oh well... here is my rebellion!


  1. Interesting article here:

  2. Good for you Wendy! I can barely see "it", it's so miniscule! lol. Very interesting style. :)

    But do be careful pls cos I know that blogger can shut down blogs without notification, if they think it should be! :) x