Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hot weather !!

Hello to all!
I have been a busy girl in the past week, even with Christmas in the way!!
A few new paintings dropped off to Inverloch Gallery, they have sold a few works this month!
I figured that this might be the way things are shaping up for the summer, so I have been busy planning, and painting away so I have enough work to cover everything i want to do!

I have two Art shows in January, one so far in February, and our Local art show in March as well as a stand at The Harvest Of Gippsland on March the 7th.... What a great way to spend a Sunday... Painting and showing my work, listening to live music, enjoying local wine and cheese... I will skip the cheese as I don't really like it, but I don't mind wine on occasions!
And... there may also be a demonstration painting day taking place over at Inverloch in January, and another at Farm world in late March.... All this without my plans for a solo show some time around May!!
That is why I have been busy painting and planning!

This is what I have painted this week so far... all three are acrylic on a watercolour background, on 600gsm paper.
8x10 inches unframed!