Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Painting Number 1 , 2010

I really REALLY want to paint 90 paintings by March.... I am aware that it is a HUGE amount of work, and I would need to paint a couple a day at least, to make it in time....

I don't really think it is achievable but i will be giving it a huge go!!

So.... this is painting number 1, ' Moon Lady' acrylic and watercolour on paper... 17 inches x 20 inches...

I have a little more to add to the painting... I was thinking of adding a frog, or another snail, but someone suggested toad stools, which i like also.... so there will be something added!!


  1. You know you can do it, I know you can do it - love your new ideas - looking forward to seeing all your 90 works - I know it will be a treat!

  2. Good stuff Wendi its great to have a goal! I have a goal of 16 by August for my show and a few on the side for fun joy! See you at the finish line!